sustainable furniture

Sustainable furniture: examples and brands

Sustainable furniture fits in a sustainable lifestyle! Are you searching for trendy, innovative furniture and new styles? Then you should totally go for sustainable furniture, made in new styles and of eco-friendly materials. Below I give you my favorite sustainable furniture brands.

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Why should I buy sustainable furniture?

Ok, I have some great examples of sustainable furniture. However, this doesn’t mean that the furniture industry is eco-friendly or even doing well concerning saving our planet.

Houses are full with furniture of illegally harvested wood, petroleum derived cushions and polluting candles. How much plastic did you gather in your interior? Not to mention the building materials of your house or apartment building. There is definitely a lot to be gained in eco-friendly living.

Luckily, some big furniture producers and retailers are committed to environmental issues. Ikea, for example, makes sure that 80% of its wood is recycled FSC-certified. They are planning to increase this number to 100%. That’s an incredible milestone.

What is sustainable furniture?

Sustainable furniture should meet at least some the following characteristics:

  1. Materials should be sustainable, recycled reused, from renewable materials or from reclaimed materials. For example: sustainable FSC certified wood.
  2. Non-toxic adhesives and finishes to consider the planet, worker, consumer and animal life.
  3. Durable and good quality, so the furniture has a long life and use.
  4. Manufacturing methods should be sustainable, using green energy and minimal waste and pollution.
  5. Recyclable, the furniture and/or individual components should be easily disassembled and recycled.

The best sustainable furniture brands

However, industry wide, the development towards eco-friendly furniture is going really slowly. Climate change still needs to be tackled. So below I’ll give you my favorite sustainable furniture brands, and some great interior example for some inspiration.

sustainable furniture


Wehlers is a sustainable furniture brand, focusing on the trendy, but environmental conscious consumer. They recycle plastics from the ocean and other materials and use other sustainable materials. Of course their great sense of design makes a great product. Wehlers is a Danish company. You’ll notice the Scandinavian design characteristics in their furniture, using the tradition of minimalistic style and a lot of wood.

Explore Wehlers yourself.

Simbly furniture


In the same minimalistic design line as Wehlers, Simbly produces sustainable furniture that fits your lifestyle.

These are beautifully designed items made out of FSC-certified wood with a non-toxic, sustainable finish. Simbly furniture is characterized by a streamlined design, for a quite affordable price. This is great, affordable craftsmanship.

Another great thing: Simbly designs their furniture to be easy assembled and disassembled, without using screws or nails.

Discover the affordable prices of Simbly here.

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Loll designs furniture

Loll Designs

This is sustainable outdoor furniture! All waterproof, 100% made out of recycled materials. Although it doesn’t show that the main material is in fact recycled milk jugs. Loll Designs has a great minimalistic style, which is perfect for outdoor spaces.

Are you searching for sustainable outdoor furniture? Definitely take a look at the great designs of Loll Designs.

orange22 modern furniture

Orange22 Modern

The great thing about Orange22 Modern is it’s great modern and colorful style. They recycle materials to produce the furniture.

Another fun fact is that Orange22 Modern works with different designers. Each designer chooses a charity, to which a part of the profit is donated. That’s sustainability on a social level, which is great!

Medley home

Medley Home

Medley Home has sustainable furniture for every part of your home. They are committed to use sustainable materials in every aspect of the furniture.

Order one of the most sustainable sofa’s at Medley Home yourself, that will probably look great in your living room.

iannone design cabinet

Iannone Design

This is unique craftsmanship. Michael Iannone designs sustainable furniture for already twenty years. He uses a wide range of sustainable materials, like FSC certified wood, cork, bamboo and reclaimed wood. But look at that design!

Explore the great sustainable design furniture by Iannone Design.

thuma bed


Get some new sustainable bedroom furniture from Thuma. Thuma designs a great bed with streamlined aesthetics, natural materials and a great design.

The bed is made in Vietnam of repurposed rubberwood. This rubberwood comes from trees at the end of their lifecycle in the latex production industry. Thuma uses Japanese techniques to assemble the bed, eliminating the need for screws or tools.

Get your new bed at Thuma.

Mater design


Mater is a conscious brand with ethical, sustainable business goals. They use sustainable materials, like recycled ocean plastic and fishing nets, to produce timeless designs. Of course you’ll get great Scandinavian design from this Copenhagen based sustainable furniture designer.

Mater is a great example for the role that designers can play in producing sustainable furniture. It’s really about their environmental efforts and mindset that can make us look differently at sustainable design.

So take a look at the great designs of Mater.

Emeco sustainable furniture


Emeco is at the forefront in producing new innovations for sustainable furniture. They use reclaimed and recycled materials in their modern, but minimalistic tables and chairs.

For example, the Broom Chair, which I’ve shown above. This chair is made of a new composition of materials, made from 75% reclaimed plastic, 15% reclaimed wood fibers and 10% glass fibers.

Do you like new innovations in interior design? Take a look at the designs by Emeco.

Copeland furniture

Copeland Furniture

Copeland Furniture is a sustainable furniture brand inspired by different design fields. They use wood from the nearby American Northern Forest and take great efforts in ensuring sustainable forestry practices. They also use solar power in their factory.

If you like sustainable wooden furniture, you’re gone love the sustainable furniture from Copeland Furniture.


ecobirdy chair


This Belgium based producer uses different processes to recycle plastic waste into its high-quality furniture, furniture especially made for kids. ecoBirdy produces bright, colorful design furniture that actually shows the recycled plastic materials it’s made of, making it also kind of educational.

Take a look at it yourself.


Nikari designs unique, modern craftsmanship. This Finnish designer has worked with renowned designers, such as Kaj Franck and Alvar Aalto. They mainly use wood. Nikari is highly focused on sustainability in the design and production processes.

Enjoy the contemporary look of Nikari sustainable design.

Nikari design