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Eco-friendly Browser Extensions: Chrome, Firefox & more

In the quest for a more sustainable and eco-friendly internet experience, individuals and businesses are turning to sustainable browser extensions. These extensions go beyond enhancing user experience; they actively contribute to environmental conservation efforts. This article explores the concept of sustainable browser extensions and spotlights notable options, including Search For Trees, available for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Search For Trees: "Eco-Friendly" Search Engine

Sustainable Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox:

  1. TreeClicks:
    • TreeClicks aligns online shopping with tree planting initiatives. This browser extension partners with various online retailers, allocating a percentage of the purchase amount to plant trees. Users can monitor their impact and support reforestation projects globally.
  2. Search For Trees:
    • Search For Trees is a unique browser extension that aligns with environmental conservation efforts. Users contribute to tree planting projects simply by conducting online searches. The extension partners with Trees for the Future, actively supporting reforestation and sustainable agricultural practices.
  3. Dark Reader:
    • Dark Reader is a browser extension offering a dark mode for websites. By reducing the energy consumption of screens, especially on devices with OLED or AMOLED displays, Dark Reader contributes to energy efficiency and device longevity.
  4. Tab Wrangler:
    • Tab Wrangler, a Chrome extension, actively manages open tabs by automatically closing inactive ones. This not only helps users maintain a clutter-free browsing experience but also conserves memory and reduces energy usage.

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Why Sustainable Browser Extensions?

As our online activities increase, so does the environmental impact of the internet. Sustainable browser extensions address this issue by promoting responsible consumption, optimizing energy usage, and supporting environmentally conscious initiatives. Users can actively participate in these efforts, making a positive impact while maintaining their digital lifestyles. Also check out sustainable apps.


As the demand for digital sustainability grows, integrating eco-friendly practices into online activities becomes crucial. Sustainable browser extensions offer a tangible way for users to reduce their carbon footprint while navigating the web. From planting trees with every search to optimizing tab usage and embracing dark modes, these extensions empower users to actively participate in creating a greener digital future. By making conscious choices in the virtual realm, we collectively contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly internet experience.