Ecosia Alternatives – Other Green Search Engines

Ecosia is a popular search engine that aims to use its profits to plant trees and support sustainability efforts. While Ecosia has a strong focus on the environment, there are several other alternatives that offer unique features and support different causes. Here are some Ecosia alternatives to consider:

Search For Trees For iOS

Search For Trees

As an alternative to Ecosia, Search For Trees emerges as a noteworthy option for environmentally conscious internet users. This search engine, also available as iOS app and browser extension uses the Google engine (Ecosia uses Bing).

Is also uses a higher revenue percentage of 60% that goes to tree planting, whereas Ecosia uses about 20 to 30%.

In collaboration with Trees for the Future, Search For Trees redirects a substantial portion of its advertising revenue to support global reforestation projects and sustainable agricultural practices.

With its commitment to transparency and a greater emphasis on the environmental impact, Search For Trees stands out as a compelling choice for users seeking to make a substantial contribution to the planet with each online search.


DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine that does not track its users and does not show targeted advertisements. In terms of sustainability, DuckDuckGo offsets its carbon emissions through the purchase of renewable energy credits and has a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. In addition to its focus on privacy and sustainability, DuckDuckGo also has a feature called “Bangs” that allows users to search specific websites directly from the search bar. For example, users can type “!amazon shoes” to search for shoes on Amazon, or “!youtube cat videos” to search for cat videos on YouTube.

TreeClicks promo


For those who want to plant trees while shopping online, the browser extension and app TreeClicks can be a helpful tool. TreeClicks partners with retailers and plants trees on the user’s behalf when they make a purchase. The app is available for both desktop and mobile and is free to use. TreeClicks has planted lots of trees so far and works with reforestation organizations to select the best areas to plant trees.

Tab For a Cause

Another way to plant trees while browsing the web is through the Chrome extension Tab For a Cause. Each time the user opens a new tab, a small donation is made to plant trees or support other environmental causes. The extension also provides users with a dashboard where they can track their impact and see the number of trees planted through their use of the extension. Tab For a Cause has planted over 9 million trees so far and works with reforestation organizations such as Trees for the Future and Eden Reforestation Projects.

Oceanhero interface
The Oceanhero Interface is pretty simple and looks like most search engines

Ocean Hero

Ocean Hero is a search engine that aims to combat plastic pollution by donating a portion of its profits to ocean conservation organizations. In addition to supporting ocean conservation efforts, Ocean Hero also has a feature that allows users to see the amount of plastic waste they have helped to prevent through their use of the search engine. This feature aims to educate users about the impact of plastic pollution and encourage more sustainable choices.

These Ecosia alternatives offer a range of features and support different causes, such as privacy, carbon neutrality, tree planting, and ocean conservation. Those interested in a more environmentally-friendly search engine or looking for ways to offset their carbon emissions or support other sustainability efforts may want to consider these alternatives. It is important to note that each of these search engines has its own unique features and business model, and it is up to the individual user to determine which one aligns best with their values and needs.

To summarize:

Here are some alternatives to Ecosia that focus on sustainability and environmental causes, summarized in a list:

  • Search For Trees: Search engine that plants trees for free with 60% of its revenue and uses Google as a search engine.
  • DuckDuckGo: A privacy-focused search engine that offsets its carbon emissions and has a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.
  • TreeClicks: A browser extension and app that plants trees on the user’s behalf when they make a purchase from participating retailers.
  • Tab For a Cause: A Chrome extension that makes a small donation to plant trees or support other environmental causes each time the user opens a new tab.
  • Ocean Hero: A search engine that donates a portion of its profits to ocean conservation organizations and has a feature that shows the amount of plastic waste the user has helped to prevent.